Fortnite made Millions Daily on Apple Devices in 2018

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Nowadays, online games make moneyfaster than you can say ‘Freeze’. That’s the demand and popularity they gained in the masses, predominantly, in the teenage group. Be it the compatibility with mobile devices or the frequent software updates, they always stay in line with previous developments. Fortnite is one such mobile gaming app.

Apple and Fortnite

Fortnite makes money faster than Usain Bolt completes a track run! This is not an exaggeration. While online games make moneyat their own pace, Fortnite makes money two times faster. In spite of being a free app, Fortnite makes millions in sale of virtual money, items and its seasonal Battle pass. Fortnite has a record of grossing approximately $455 million in iOS revenue alone! That is something to party about for both the operating system and Game makers.

According to Analytics Firm Sensor Tower, 82.6 Million people downloaded the game ever since the mobile version was launched in the month of April 2018. Fortnite makes money of almost $1.6 million each on Apple devices alone.

This is a commendable number seeing how the game was launched only 8 months ago. Apple retrieves its 30% from the game’s profit and earned about $136.5 million in 2018. This is an indication of how Fortnite makes millions in saleon a daily basis.

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Claims the entire profits

Online games make moneyon android devices too. Leaving the US out of the picture, Android accounts for 80% of the mobile operating systems in other countries. Fortnite makes millions in sale when Apple is taken into consideration.

However, Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite decided to extend their gaming services towards Android users too.  The number of bucks they were getting from Apple devices was the boost they needed to confidently launch on Android devices. However, Fortnite makes moneywithout a cut when Android is considered.

The makers made sure that the users have to download the app directly from the official website of Epic games. This would mean that they conveniently dodged the services of Google Play Store. Google does not take its cut and the entire profits go into the pockets of Fortnite makers. This shows how Fortnite makes moneyon android devices too.

Success Rate

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Undoubtedly, the game is being liked and downloads are increasing day by day. Fortnite makes millions in salefrom the in-app purchases and the software makers like Apple are also benefitting. Online games make moneyfrom both Apple and Android devices. But Apple users tend to make more in-app purchases and that’s a good amount of bucks for the game makers. Fortunately, Fortnite earns a lot from both the mobile operating systems.

There is no accurate figure to depict the earning rate of Fortnite on Android devices. Sadly, Analytics Firm Sensor Tower indicates the numbers on iOS devices only. However, the entire 100% income from Android devices is retained by Epic games. This would obviously mean the makers are having a considerable amount in their pockets.


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